Friday, December 7, 2012

It’s a Doctor Who Christmas

While I may have been lateish to the Doctor Who party (only started watching a few years ago), I’ve certainly become a solid fan (caught up on all seasons and even read the comics) and Whovian enthusiast. From the miniature TARDIS and sonic screwdriver I have on display in my office to the complete DVD collection and endless quotes used in daily conversation – I’m a sucker for the Doctor.

And why the hell not? As a character study for writers, there’s none better than a centuries old time traveler who befriends underdogs, saves star whales, entire civilizations, has his hand in every historical event of significance, changes his face, quirks, personalities, never gives up on humanity, abhors violence, uses his wit as a weapon, and all the while struggles to rise above the dark, jaded parts of himself.

Yeah, I sorta love the guy. 

There are just so many layers. And each new companion he takes upon his epic journey across time and space provides infinite opportunities for danger, growth, conflict, and humour. Doctor Who companions are as much a part of the appeal as the Doctor himself. Here the average Joe gets a shot at rewriting history, or re-establishing it. Imagine you…yes, you….travelling back or forward in time to help take down evil in any guise – all with a slightly nutty professor watching your back and making you a better person. It could happen. You never know when the Doctor might drop by needing your help to save the world.

Heady stuff. Kinda addictive.

The show takes a mid-season hiatus during the winter and while fans feel a bit left out in the cold, there’s a beacon of light ahead. The annual Christmas special. To say I’m keen for this year’s offering is an understatement. First – it’s set in Victorian London and lately I’m all about Victorian influences for my steampunk series. Plus – the big bad – SNOWMEN.

I know, right? Haven’t we all wondered what those silent sentries of snow get up to when we aren’t looking? Guess we’ll find out this December 25th at 9pm EST.

Anyway, I encourage writers of genre fiction to climb aboard the blue police box and analyze the character development, plot structure – the sheer freaking fun of Doctor Who. You’ll drop in to see what the fuss is about and stay for love of the Whoniverse.

Happy holidays, keep writing, and remember, top hats and bow ties are cool.

Judith is the author of the Skinned series, paranormal with more bite than bark. 


  1. Really great post. My cousin is also a huge fan and I've asked for some Dr. Who in my stocking this year :-)

  2. I actually haven't watched this yet. *ducks* I know, I know! All my friends are raving about it so it looks like I'm going to have to give it a go. :)

  3. My daughter got into Dr. Who and I started watching it with her. I love the doctor. What an incredible character and the writing. So good. I wish we got the channel, we'd love to watch this special!

  4. Great to get a chance to get the Who fix during the holiday season. :-)

  5. I watched the first two seasons and then fell out of it for some reason. Maybe I need to dive back in.

  6. You realize I did this post so I'd have more people to talk Who with, right? ;)

    Elle - some seasons are better than others - five was a personal favourite, you might want to give it another go.

    Heather - you'll love the episode with Queen Victoria - and werewolves, "Tooth and Claw".

  7. I got really into it in the 80s. Back then, Daleks coulnd't climb stairs or levitate, so they were easy to get away from. Until the Sylvester McCoy ep where they levitated for the first time and I completely lost my nut.
    There were many 'wilderness' years when there were no new Whos. We call these the 90s.
    When it came back, it was pure magic. Like catching up with an old friend who's now looking great and doing really well.