Sunday, May 29, 2011

Karlene Petitt

Karlene Petitt is published with JetStar publishing.

Karlene is a commercial pilot who travels the world on a daily basis. No matter what time zone she's in though she always finds time for her husband, kids, and friends. Her experience as a pilot gives her a unique inside perspective into her aviation based writing.

Karlene's first novel, an aviation thriller, Flight For Control, is now available in hardback, paperback, and eBook.

Here is a bit about Flight For Control:

After a ten-year leave, Kathryn Jacobs has been invited back to the N.T.S.B to investigate a series of unexplained airline crashes. But her husband, Captain Bill Jacobs, has his concerns. While her twin daughters are off at camp, and Bill is actively campaigning for the Pilot Union Presidency, Kathryn secretly begins her investigation. What she learns will shock the nation.

Flight For Control is a thriller that reads like a mystery. But to Kathryn, there is no mystery on the condition of the airline industry—it’s broken. Planes are crashing. Pensions are lost. Pilots are financially and emotionally bankrupt due to fatigue, furloughs, and loss of seniority. It’s time that someone takes control before it’s too late—unless it already is.

Your life is in your pilot’s hands. Do you know who’s flying your plane?

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