Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Secret Of Spruce Knoll Spotlight

The lovely and talented Trisha Wolfe from the review blog YA Bound (and who just had a book release that you don't want to miss, Destiny's Fire) has spotlighted Heather McCorkle's The Secret Of Spruce Knoll. Along with the spotlight is a review and a mini-interview that reveals a few fun things about Heather that you haven't heard before. Here is a taste of the review:

"From the first page, I was gripped and pulled into a town and world full of magic and mystery."~Trisha Wolfe, author of Destiny's Fire. 

To hear the rest of Trisha's thoughts on Spruce Knoll, and to read the mini-interview, hurry over to Trisha's blog YA Bound

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cover Of Turning Point Is Featured

Indie recently chose Turning Point, by our own Melissa Luznicky Garrett, as an outstanding indie cover to feature on their site. They did an excellent interview of Melissa asking everything from what the cover conveys about the books to what inspired it.

Congratulations to Melissa on the feature! To check it out go to Indie Our hats are off to Indie Reader for choosing one of the Indie Elite to feature.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Book by Eisley Jacobs

The sequel to Born To Be A Dragon by Eisley Jacobs has released! If you haven't read Born To Be A Dragon to your children yet then you're missing out. Here is a bit about book two:

BLINK OF A DRAGON – Dragons Forever Book Two

Discovering she’s connected to dragons is one thing, but when another dragon is caught hanging out in her fifth grade class, Meia thinks things couldn’t get any worse. Is she ever wrong!

The leader of the dark dragons is on the prowl and he’s lured the Clan of Deglan into the Hule caverns. Under Maro’s sinister claw, his minions steal the fire stones and jeopardize Lord Draven’s life. If he dies, dark dragons will destroy everything in their path.

Using a recovered fire stone, Deglan and Meia BLINK out of the caverns into the belly of a volcano to hunt for a mystical creature who is their last and only hope. What they encounter along the way will make the adventure worth fighting for.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Review For The Secret Of Spruce Knoll


Aik of The Bookaholics posted an in-depth review of The Secret Of Spruce Knoll by Heather McCorkle and gave it four and a half stars. Here is a bit from Aik's review:

Aik: "McCorkle captures the sweetness of Eren and Aiden's courtship, their sincere feelings for each other, and their differences, partly — but not only — because they are from different societies."

"The Secret of Spruce Knoll is a good introduction to the Channeler series, and I'm sure it will greatly appeal to fans of paranormal and young adult novels. Albeit being a work of fiction, this novel manages to highlight the importance of conserving and preserving the Earth - which earns some extra brownie points from me."

To read the full review by Aik be sure to stop by The Bookaholics blog.