Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Why We Write

I spent last weekend with an amazing lady, and indie author—Syd Blue. As I watched Syd sell her books at cost, it reminded me how powerful the gift of writing can be. Her attitude is to inspire our children, at whatever cost. What a great reason to write.

For the young ladies, Fly Girl is a story of sixteen year-old Jill who learns to fly the hard way. Jill has far less than the perfect life—more responsibility than a teen should have. But despite the challenges Jill faces throughout the story she calls life, she learns to believe in herself and takes responsibility for the consequences of her actions. This is a book that (secretly) teaches, while it entertains and inspires. I wish I had this book when my kids were young.

Syd did not want to leave out the boys, so she wrote a second book, Circle. Imagine Indiana Jones meets ET, and you have Circle. Fun flying scenes and excitement for all ages, and the girls will love this too. What would your son do if an extraterrestrial girl turned up under his bed?

A pilot herself, Syd knows the power behind taking control of a plane and how it fuels confidence. Something that we all want our children to have. There is a great analogy between being in control of your life, and flying a plane where you literally are.

Please take a moment to visit Syd at:  
Fly Girl, Life in the Skies.
Follow her on Twitter @SydBlue

If you know any child you want to inspire, and stuff their Easter Basket with something yummy for the soul… Circle and Fly Girl are both priced right and found at Amazon.

Syd, Linda, Heather and Karlene at the SFO writers conference 2010~

Why do you write?

Enjoy the Journey!
XO~ Karlene

Karlene is the author of Flight For Control, an aviation thriller that will change the way you look at flying forever.


  1. A great reason indeed, and Syd is a great person for the job! These are both on my to-buy list!

    1. Thanks Heather. Kind of funny how we met her too!

  2. Saying I write because I have to is mostly true. The story has to make it's way out, got to channel the voices in my head. Don't really want to find out what would happen if i decided to tell them to "shut up" lol!!

    1. I love this. Why I write... once we start, how can we stop? It's those voices in our head that make us do it! Thanks for your comment!