Friday, February 8, 2013

Apps for Creative Types Part 2: Writing

I’m a bit of a hodgepodge when it comes to technology. I love gadgets, software, and apps, and I use multiple devices. I have a PC for gaming, a MacBook Pro for writing, photo-manipulation and recording music, an Android phone because I prefer its slide-out keyboard, and an iPad for additional portability and entertainment value – with full Bluetooth keyboard / case.
I don’t buy into the, one operating system can do it all, mantra - just as a single plotting method won’t work for every single writer. Sometimes you need to utilize several methods to generate the best product possible.  As a creative person, I don’t limit myself to just writing fiction. I dabble in photography, tend to sketch, I sing and write music – I play. 

The iPad is my latest adventure and I’m having a blast figuring the thing out. Unfortunately, a do-it-all program, like Word, isn’t available for the iPad, but there are many writing and productivity apps that fill the gap. Here are a few I’m obsessed with – note – they may not be free, but they’re worth every cent:

Pages: ( If you’re a Mac user, chances are you’re familiar with Pages and its features, from slick templates for newsletters, postcards, fliers, and layout flexibility. You’ll be pleased to know the iPad app is quite similar and even sports some unique templates guaranteed to impress. Documents can be saved as PDF or Word format and easily exported or emailed. This is the app I consistently return to when writing on my iPad.

Daedalus Touch: ( I confess this app confounded me a bit as I’m still not quick with the gesturing on my iPad – do I pinch, do I drag…it’s a guessing game at times. However, this app has a highly interactive element that can be addicting. General word processing at your fingertips.

Notably: ( Another text editor, but this one has a bit of style. Multiple fonts and backgrounds to choose from make writing a visual dream. Not too many bells and whistles, but this app certainly does the job.

These are just a few of the productivity apps I’ve experimented with, but if you’re new to iPads at least this will give you an idea of what’s available.

NOTE: for those seriously into screenwriting, there’s one app I recommend, although it’s costly at 49.99, and that’s Final Draft Writer ( for the iPad. Templates, index cards, character development tools, this baby has it all.

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  1. I'm still pretty challenged with some of these technological things, but they do sound very interesting.

  2. I'm with you, Angela - I find them challenging and that in turn sparks my interest. I figure out just enough to be dangerous. :)

  3. Funny thing is... I fly the most technical gadget plane in the world... but the other gadgets... just don't have time (or make the time) to learn. i am soooo old fashioned!

  4. Karlene - I'm fine with a pilot mastering one travels and happy writing!