Monday, March 18, 2013

Nerves of STEEL – erm – Jello

When I released Neverlove, I was so overly excited that I didn’t get to be nervous. Plus, I had my Partner in ParanormYA by my side, virtually that is, to address each day’s issues that came up. So when it came to Frailties of the Bond, I figured this would be “old hat business”. Been there. Done it. Thought about getting the t-shirt designed but couldn’t quite afford commissioning a custom art piece for the tee lol!

With March 20th’s release date staring me eyeball to eyeball, I have nerves of STEEL – erm – Jello. They’re flimsy, flopping about like lightning struck live wires. I’m at the corner of not-quite-a-nervous-wreck and what-the-Frankenstein-makes-me-think-ANYONE-will-care-about-this-story-or-me?

Not a very confident place to be lol!!

But am I going to go ostrich and stick my head in the ground? Well, maybe for about two minutes – lol! – but not much longer than that. Nothing gets accomplished by doing nothing.

I’ve done something, taken a chance on me and believing that someone out there just might enjoy a short, quick read about two teens discovering things about themselves and about love-lust-love :-)

Yes, there will be vampires.

Sorry, they don’t sparkle.

About Angela Brown
Single mom, working author, lover of chocolate and Wild Cherry Pepsi addict. Story telling includes Neverlove, an upper YA novel with paranormal, action and romance elements woven throughout. Then there’s Frailties of the Bond, a YA urban fantasy where one bite can change a life.

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