Friday, March 30, 2012

Karlene Petitt Author Appearance Contest

The fabulous new thriller author of Flight For Control, Karlene Petitt, is hosting a unique giveaway that you don't want to miss. If you didn't know, Karlene is also a commercial airline pilot, which when combined with her writing talent, makes her the perfect person to write the most heart-pounding aviation thriller you'll ever read. After reading it you will not look at your typical flight, or the aviation industry, the same ever again.

Here are the details: For every book ordered due to this blog post, each person who comes back and shows they purchased a book~just a little cut and paste, in the comments, will be entered into a master worldwide drawing for Karlene Petitt to come to their location~anywhere in the world~and be a guest speaker at their book club. Where in the World will she go? Who knows. But she will schedule a day and fly there to meet them and their friends for a personal book signing and discussion.

For more on Karlene and the contest be sure to catch her on March 31, at 0600 EST March 31st, when she is speaking on The “Brave New Radio” on a N.Y. radio station WP88.7 FM discussing Flight For Control. The show can be heard live at and she'll be interviewed on FlightPodcast one day that week too. Date to go live will be determined but during that week. She will be been interviewed on the Stuck Mic Podcast and will shout about this during that week. 

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