Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Biggest Fan Nook Giveaway

Two of the Indie Elite, Christine Fonseca and Heather McCorkle, are doing a fantastic giveaway geared specifically toward their fans that you won't want to miss. You can win great books or even a Nook Simple Touch. Here are the details:

Be a fan and read and review any of the following books:
DIES IRAE                                                                                                LACRIMOSA

(Compass Press version)                                                                               BORN OF FIRE

CHANNELER'S CHOICE                                                                      BORN OF FIRE & DIES IRAE                                                              (Special Compass Press Print Edition)

Get Points for any of the following:+1 for a review of each title on your blog (past or present)
+1 for a review of each title on Goodreads
+3 for a review of each title on Amazon
+3 for a review of each title on B&N
+2 for a review of each title on any other retail site

The ladies only ask two things, that you please review after you read, and that your are honest. They're not looking for gushing reviews here (though those are wonderful and will of course count) and they're thrilled at three and four stars as well as five. Anything below three stars is a pretty universal sign that you didn't like the novel and those reviews will not count toward your points. The winner doesn't have to be a follower of their blogs but of course we'd love it if you were because we like to connect with our fans.

There will be second and third place winners as well, both of which include signed copies of our books and bookish swag. Keep track of the fun on twitter with the hashtag #YAFAN To enter the contest click HERE.

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