Friday, October 14, 2011

Fantastic Review of Open Minds

Mandyll over at TwiMom101 Book Blog has posted an excellent review of Open Minds by Susan Kaye Quinn. Here is an excerpt of the review:

Mandyll: Wow oh Wow! I just inhaled this book. Quinn is an amazing author with an even more amazing imagination. In some ways Kira reminds me a lot of Katniss from the Hunger Games series. She is forced out of her comfort zone in order to protect herself and her loved ones from those that only want to use her and her ability. Kira is a strong, well developed character that many will relate to. I am sure there has been a time in everyone's life where you felt like an outcast only wanting to fit in. And sometimes...

For the rest check out Mandy's fantastic book blog, TwiMom101 Book blog


  1. aww thanks for liking the review...just one question? whats the 11's after my name? lol

  2. Oops, sorry about that Mandy! LOL! And thank you for the lovely review!