Friday, April 19, 2013

No Readpocalypse

Library doors bolted shut, larger locations with weighted chains blocking all entries - double-padlocked.
Closed. No service. All books banned.

Internet trolls reign free to police any online presence attempting to download anything that slightly resembles a limerick or a haiku.

Graphic tees, shirts with funny or thought-provoking quotes, anything like reading made into an outlawed activity.

The world a place of plain solid colors, smiles discouraged for fear of encouraging positivity. Positivity could lead to the sharing of ideas, possible debate and lively discussions.

Hands empty of glossy hardcover books and prevented from owning a paperback to bend or turn pages into dog-eared bookmarks.

This is the read-pocalypse. No readers to swoon behind book boyfriends, to read the character tales itching for freedom beyond the fringes of our busy minds.

That day is not this day.


Today, readers can hop into any local library to read about Harry Potter and his wizarding adventures, or walk through a wardrobe into a snowy new world of magic, Turkish delight and an awesome lion. They can venture into a magicked nook of small town Texas and discover witches, vampires and shifters living in a tenuous harmony.

Readers are out there, hungry for our stories. So writers must write, query agents and editors or self-publish. After all, there are some deep reader appetites to fulfill.

Writers: Write like there’s no read-pocalypse.

Readers: Read like there’s no tomorrow J

~ Angela Brown, author of YA works such as Frailties of the Bond, where readers can take a brief trip to that magicked nook of small town Texas and see how witches, vampires and shifters can live in any kind of harmony.


  1. That would be a sad day indeed, wouldn't it? I vow to write like there is no read-pocalypse.

    1. That's the best way to write, at least it's certainly got me going lol!

  2. beautiful...I read 3 books last night (complete books). I lost sleep because of it, but when a person loves to read as much as I do, you will sacrifice things like sleep.

    1. Wonderful! See, reading is such a joy. Love it!

  3. I kind of heart palpitations just THINKING about Readopolis. Chilling.
    Reading is my life line! Great post.

  4. There must be something in that Texas air to achieve that kind of harmony! Guess I'll have to find out what it is.