Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Surviving word at a time

Okay, let me start by saying that Judith and I did NOT plan out our posts. But, as it is November...and we are both doing NaNoWriMo, I guess it is no surprise that we both decided to post on the same topic.

This post, however, is a 5-point survival guide:
  • Stock the fridge with leftovers so the kids and spouse can survive without you! Then make certain everyone knows you are writing a novel...yes, and entire November.
  • Outline if you want; but only, No one cares if this draft is a train wreck of epic proportions. That's for December and beyond. You need to only care about wordage!
  • ABSOLUTELY NO EDITING. Just saying. Oh! And certainly NO DELETING. Seriously!!!
  • Find writerly buds. This is so much more fun with friends!
  • Set daily goals. If you miss then, adjust. And keep adjusting to stay on track
There you are, my tricks for finishing. The only thing left is to sign up. And if you do, I'm ChristineF. Buddy me.

PS - I am actually NOT starting NaNo until this weekend. Right now I am knee deep in edits. 


  1. Nope, we didn't plan our NANO promos, but it goes to show just how popular it is with writers. ;) Good luck to Christine and all the Wrimos!

  2. Good luck as well. I agree, any endeavour is best done with friends who support you.
    When we do it on our own, we can lose enthusiasm and motivation. (ooops, talking about myself again!)

    Go Christine!

  3. HAHA!!!! I was just engaging in a little self-talk about the whole motivation thing!

  4. Excellent tips, I'm taking notes! Since this is my first year I need all the advice I can get. :)