Thursday, August 2, 2012

Why Writing Conferences Rock

Heart on my sleeve, I declare writing conferences rock! Many of my Australian writing pals are in Anaheim at the RWA conference at the moment. I wish I was with them.

I missed out on America, but I'll be going to the Australian RWA conference on the Gold Coast in a couple of weeks.

This will be my third RWAus conference, and I'm so excited I could burst. I love conferences for so many reasons.

1 - I find my tribe. Writing is a solitary business but at conference I'm with 300 likeminded writers - so we're all in it together.
2 - I get to meet my favourite authors and catch up with fabulous friends. (some are one and the same. That's how lucky I am!)
3 - I virtually kill myself before hand getting the latest manuscript finished ahead of conference.
4 - I learn so much my brain is practically leaking out my ear by the end of it, but every workshop and panel session helps me improve, and that is priceless.
5 - writers of all levels learn about the industry, first hand.
6 - I'm joining 61 other authors in a huge book-signing event.
7 - they are so much fun!

It's point 3 that has me in a tizz this year, and I brought it all on myself. I began my latest manuscript in February and have pushed myself get it done by conference. Six months. I know loads of writers who get a 50,000 word manuscript done in 2 months. I'm not like that. I'm slow. Hideously, horribly slow. The upshot is I *think* I'm getting better so that the first draft is in really good shape.

OK, maybe I'm in denial.

Anyway, I am on target to finish this manuscript and I'm ready to pitch to a visiting agent from the USA. I previously landed an agent in the UK the old fashioned way - contacting them via email through the slush pile. This time, it will be face-to-face. I'm excited and daunted.

I'm also practicing my pitch - every time someone asks me 'what's the book about' I get to tell them in a couple of sentences. The responses have been happy positive, not glazed-eyed neutral. That's got to be a good thing?

So, if you get the chance to attend a writers conference in your home country (or travel overseas, that would be awesome!) then grab that chance with both hands and make the most of it. You'll have fun, you'll learn so much, you'll make wonderful friends and you'll have some exciting opportunities other people won't get.

Writing can be an isolating experience, but when you're at a conference you're not alone.

Am I sounding too preachy? Good. Get thee to a conference!

More information about this year's Australian conference
The 2013 conference will be in Perth :-D


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  1. I couldn't agree more, conferences rock! That's awesome that you're meeting agents from the US face to face! No worries, they'll love you and your book.

  2. I've never been to a writing conference but have wanted to go for so long! Have a great time, Ebony! :)


  3. I have a few conferences on my wishlist for next year. The networking opportunities and "I've found my people" feelings are invaluable. Knock'm dead, Ebony!

  4. I haven't been to a writing conference in a while. I think I'm way overdue! Guess its time to change all that....

  5. Thanks all,
    I'm getting pretty excited. This will be my third conference and I'm counting down the days till I fly off. I'm working on the pitch at the moment. Who knew so few words could be so painful to get out of my brain and onto the paper?

  6. So true Ebony... conference rock! I could be a total conference junkie. Love. Love. Love them! And I always learn something. They are the best catalyst to get our MS done. So... next time we have to meet at one! Thanks for a great post and the perfect reminder... sign up for a conference!

  7. Sounds like you're well prepared for this one. Good luck with your pitch and have fun!

  8. Thanks again everyone. I'm home at last and feeling utterly dizzy from the excitement.