Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Spirit Keeper Garners a Great Review

Melissa Luznicky Garrett's new YA paranormal novel, The Spirit Keeper, has received an excellent review from A Reader Reviews!

For those who don't know, the Spirit Keeper is about a teen girl named Sarah whose family has kept the truth of their Native American heritage secret her entire life, refusing to acknowledge where they came from. But when a family that has direct ties to their past moves to town, Sarah’s true identity is revealed.

Here is a taste of the review:

"Garrett nicely captures the emotions and thought process of a teenage girl, who is, at turns, resolute in the face of bullying by classmates, grateful to her aunt and uncle for their care, and both impulsive and careful as she falls in love for the first time." ~Michelle of A Reader Reviews

To read the remainder of the review and more from A Reader Reviews, click here


  1. Thank you for spotlighting the review, Heather!

  2. That's a great cover!! Book sounds fantastic, too.